"Glories" is a instrumental band from USA. We sent over some questions and Dallas answered them for us.

This year you released the masterpiece called "There Is No Stillness". Could you please tell us a bit about how you started the band and what your aspirations was?
Glories was started in 2011 after 3 of the members' indie rock band dissolved. We had always wanted to make instrumental music and felt we had the right personnel to make it happen. The other two guys were brought into the fold, as they were longtime friends and former bandmates. We released our first EP in early 2012. 

You play instrumental rock with ambient influences. How do you usually make the songs?
Usually I (Dallas) start out with a demo consisting of guitar/keys/beat and use dropbox to share it with the others and then we jam on it in practice and try to flesh it out more. We record everything in practice just so we can use it to easily find the good parts of our jam sessions. 

We found you on "Bandcamp" which is a great site to find new music. How do you prefer to listen music yourselves?
Bandcamp is great and probably the best way to directly support the band, as we have both music and merchandise available through the site. We also really like Spotify for their user interface and how they let artists manage their own pages! Vinyl is my favorite personal listening experience. 

How do you like to play live and does it differ alot from when you are recording the songs in the studio?
Performing the songs live isn't much different from the recording. Sometimes there are elements that we have to leave out or simplify so that we aren't trying to do too much. 

What would you like people to experience when listening to your music?
We hope that when people listen to Glories that our songs can take them on a small journey and that they can attach their own personal meaning or emotion to the music. 

2017 is soon reaching it´s end. How would you sum it up in regards to what the band has been up to?
This year has been very strange for the band. We released what we consider to be our best record and played some shows to support it. Our brother and bandmate Zach tragically passed away in August, so we've been mourning his loss and are a bit unsure as to what the future holds for Glories. 

Is there any final thoughts or wishes you would like to mention or add to your fans?
Thanks for the feature and thank you to everyone listening to our music! 

Thank you very much for taking the time to talk to "ICIT Webzine"!

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