You started the band back in 2013. "Agusa" has been very active and released about five records so far. What´s your main goal when making new music? 
We have only released four albums actually. Three studio albums and the live album Katarsis. Our main goal is to keep doing what we have done since day one; write and performed the music we love ourselves!

Recently you released your latest album called "Agusa". How did the songs take shape and did you do something different this time when recording the album? 
The band worked together on the songs in the rehearsal room and when we arrived in the studio they were 90 % done. We then worked out the final 10 % while recording them. The first two albums were recorded in one studio in Malmoe and mixed in Stockholm. This time we worked with a producer who both recorded and mixed the album, which was a little different. He introduced us to different ways of recording than we are used to, and the result is different. If it is better or worse, that is for the listener to decide.

Some people tends to label you a band with both "Prog" and "Progg"-influences. Which genre do you feel the most connection to? The folkrock or the progressive rock? 
Folkrock AND progressive rock. We don't care much for genres though and our music has been called so many different things. Jazzrock is another common way to label us.

What is most important for you, to play live or to make records and why so? 
Play live. Because we always develop our songs and they are very different live from the studio versions.

Many bands these days, like the older bands "Kebnekajse", "Träd, Gräs & Stenar" along with new bands like "Eye Make The Horizon", "Hills" and "Agusa" are growing in popularity among the younger generation. Why do you think that instrumental rock is back in the game again? 
I honestly don't think that instrumental rock "is back". I think good music will always catch the ears of listeners.

The year of 2017 is coming to an end soon. What was most important for you in 2017 and what plans do you have for 2018 with "Agusa"? 
The main happening for Agusa during 2017 was that Jonas Berge left the band and that we - after hard work - found a new organ player: Jeppe Juul. The plan for 2018 is to tour Russia. We had to cancel our planned tour in November because of visum issues :(

We usually let the bands we interview to ask themselves a question of their own choice. What would that question be, and could you please answer it for us? 

Ok, that's nice! Question: What are you looking for? Answer: A booking agency. 

Thank you very much "Agusa" for the interview. See you on the road in 2018! 

* Photos by: "Agusa"

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