You just announced the release of a new EP called "Three Horizons Away". What can you tell us about the writing-process for this EP?

Ville: Yeah, we are really happy how it turned out, it's a very solid release and we certainly have put a lot of effort and soul into this one! The songs really belong together and carry our trademark of
wave-crushing post rock all the same!

Patrik: We usually start the writing process by working on excerpts and simple sketches, made by one member of the band, and after that we start working together on ideas and arrangements that show up along the way.

How long time did you spend in the studio recording the album? Did you have any new approach this time compared to your earlier experiences in the studio?

Jari: We recorded the new EP during a few weekend sessions which were spread over a couple of months time. We wanted to do something different so instead of recording everything at our own
place we went to Mikael Wikman drum studio for the drum parts. Also we experimented a lot more with ambient mics for the electric guitars and blending drastically different guitar tones.

With an revival of "vintage record"-formats like vinyl and even audio cassettes being back in the game, can we expect both an LP and cassette version of the EP?

Jari: There has been some demand for vinyl in general so it might be possible, but there is no plan for this regarding the new EP at the moment. We are still waiting for one or two of our previous
releases to emerge on vinyl but it seems to be a long process. Personally I think cassette is a pretty awesome format and it would be interesting to do one at some point, but then again I don´t think I know a single person who still has a working cassette deck.

Which format do you prefer yourselves when listening to a new record and why so?

Patrik: For now my preference is cd-records or online streaming services.

Jari: I often browse Bandcamp in search of new music, it's a pretty good place to find hidden gems. I also think Youtube is a good discovery tool. If I find something I really like I buy it on cd so I can enjoy it on my studio monitors.

You have played in Asia before. How was that experience and why do you think that Swedish post-rock bands like yourselves and "EF" and "Moonlit Sailor" are being embraced by the Asian audience?

Patrik: The audience is very dedicated and generally interested in the bands playing live. We really enjoy to play live where the audience are going to the very front of the stage to be close to the band.

Ville: We certainly had a blast on our last tour. I'm not sure why instrumental acts have grown so popular lately there, it might partially be just for the fact that it's instrumental music with an open
interpretation to the listener and partially because it's quite rare that acts within the genre come to
play in Asia.

Like perhaps many instrumental bands have you got bored answering the question when you will add vocals to your music? Have you consider it in any form?

Ville: Yes, we get that question or even request sometimes. We set out to be an instrumental post rockband and we will remain like that.Adding a voice would be like adding another instrument and
in this setting we feel that the instruments themselves are enough to tell a story without lyrics.

Calle: All of us have previously played in bands that contained vocals, some of us are still doing that or are vocalists in different projects/genres, but in Seas of Years there has never been talk about singing. We set out with this band to remain instrumental in order to be able to try different ways to work with the dynamics of the music itself. My opinion is the fact that it is instrumental, is one of the best things with post rock.

You will have a release-concert in Stockholm in October. What future plans do you have when it comes to playing the new songs live? Have you booked a tour?

Ville: The album will be released in November. We will however play some new material live on this concert the 27th of October in Stockholm. We have some concerts booked for late autumn/winter and they will be announced in due time - so keep your eyes peeled!

Could you give us an insight of how your old piece "Rely On Thermal Winds" came about? Equally which songs do you prefer from your old records?

Ville: The first part for Rely on Thermal Winds was written by Patrik Muhr and I insisted that we should make a song out of that riff. Then me, Jari and Patrik started to work on the rest of the song,
gradually adding some field recordings and drones that Patrik made and Calle came along with some really nice drumwork and it's nowadays a song that we love to play live! We have many
favourites of course, picking a favourite song is somehow to pick a favourite child, it's difficult, but some of mine are "Weaving Cities from Dust”, "Surface" and "In Collusion with the Waves".

Usually we give the bands that we interview a chance to pick a question that they would liked to be asked, and if you could make up a question of choice and answer it for us?

We're gonna pick two questions in that case!

1. Do you have a band mascot?
Patrik: Yes, it's a tiny red gorilla!

2. How can a Seas of Years-fan best support your band?
Ville: You can buy our records, merchandise and show up on concerts as well as tagging us in social media and spread the word about our music to friends. As a relatively small band we are dependant on that people help us to reach out and we appreciate all the support we get!

Cheers! /Seas of Years

Thank you very much "Seas of Years"! See you on the road!



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