The Swedish punkrock band "Adhesive" is back touring the world in 2017/2018. We managed to get an interview with them.

First of all it´s a truely honour to have you back and playing this year of 2017, how are you doing?
Adhesive: Thanks a bunch, we’re all doing great!

Not many people saw this reunion-thing coming, what was it that made you take the decision to do this comeback?
Adhesive: Basically a reason that makes us fall asleep, with a somewhat pure conscience every night. We had never done this if it had not been for the charity-part of the whole reunion-thing.

You will tour Canada, Spain, Holland in 2017 just to mention a few countries. How did you book the tour and is there any country in particular that you are looking forward to play in again?

Most of all communication/booking has occurred through the internet (facebook in particular). We’re basically all excited about everything, every country I’d say.

You have been playing in other bands since "Adhesive" called it a day. Now with this reunion can you see yourselves keeping "Adhesive" alive, or is it just focus on 2017 that you will keep the old "corpse alive" and then "re-bury" it again so to speak?

Adhesive:  We will do Adhesive for a year. Summer 2017 to Summer 2018. All profits will be donated to charity such as refugee-aid / catastrophy-medicine in affected areas around the world.

Can you please give us some memories from the good-old early and mid-90´s of "Swedish Punk Wave"?
Adhesive: Oh, not really apart from that it was an active scene back then, with many bands popping up everywhere and fanzines who documented it. It was a fun time!

"Sideburner" is perhaps your most epic and beloved release, can you please give us some details on how the songs camed together and how and were did you record the album?

Adhesive: There aren’t really any exciting stories or details that go beyond the usual I’m affraid. We were / are close friends who all loved to hang out outside and in the rehearsal room. We always found an easy way to agree about the certain structures of writing songs together. Sideburner was recorded in Studio Indocaptor in our hometown Katrineholm.

How would you describe the difference between recording in a studio vs. playing live?
Adhesive: Tough and easy question, I guess. Studio – as many takes as it takes. Live – only one take.

Now the un-avoidable question. What is your views on the current "political climate" in the world?

Adhesive: Oh, I’ll try to keep this short. We live in a world where capitalism endures regularly in recurring crises. Some of these crises are quite “easy”, while some really shake the economic system in its foundations. But still, the bourgeois economy has always failed to provide a satisfactory, coherent explanation for the phenomenon - and do not really want to do it either - as long as “the people” pave the way by paying the crisis, through unemployment, social disarmament, poverty, and in worse cases war and starvation. We really need to look upon a more sustainable way to organize society, economy and the world in general.

What "Adhesive"-songs do you think is as equal important now as back then in the 90´s?
Adhesive: That’s a tricky question. I’d say pass. What do you think?

What bands did your grew up listening to before you started "Adhesive"?
Adhesive: Tons of bands! Misfits, Bad Religion, Minor Threat, Discharge, Ramones to name a few.

Can we expect some swedish dates in 2017?
Adhesive: We already played Göteborg. Malmö coming up in December. Hopefully there will be more dates.

Now to the "democratic part" of this interview. 
What kind of question would you like to be asked, and could you please answer it for us now?

Adhesive: Which one of our records do we like best? Answer is "From left to right; Adhesive".

If you would to meat your 20 years younger "you´s" what advices would you "give yourselves" now?
Adhesive: Keep on keeping on. Do your best at all times, but failure is also a part of life. Do not take yourself too serious.

Thank you very much for taking your time to talk to us at "ICIT Webzine". Is there any last words and reflections you would like to mention to all of your fans and supporters out in the digital world?

Adhesive: Thank you so much for taking the time to writing to us and thanks a bunch to all our fans around the world. You are all the best!

Thank you once more "Adhesive" and hope to see you on the road in 2017 and 2018!



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