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"A Projection" is a relatively new band that we discovered already 2 years back. ICIT Webzine sent over some questions to A "Projection", and here´s the answers. With your new album out we can see the true and remarkable progression since 2 years back. When you recorded the new album how much of the old "A Projection" did you use or was it only "new ideas" that you worked with when creating the new album?

A Projection: In the process of recording the new album we had some old song that never made it to "EXIT". We tried give those songs a new touch while still keeping much of the old feeling.

You have recently been out touring in Germany, how did you make that tour happen?

A Projection: All the gigs on the tour was booked by our booking agent, Howdy Partner Booking, which is a part of our Hamburg based record company, Tapete Records.

You have an 80´s sound when it comes to the drums. Bands like "The Cure" and "Joy Division" comes to my mind and I mean that in the most respectful way. How did you approach the drum-parts when recording the new album?

A Projection: I guess we have been influenced a lot by the eighties’ post punk bands. However there are many contemporary Swedish post punk bands (e.g. Diskoteket) who also have similar drum sounds and I think that our drum-style is due to us being a part of the same movement.

Being a Swedish band what would you say is the biggest difference between reaching out to people in Sweden versus the rest of the world? Is it hard to be prophets in your own country?

A Projection: Yes, really. Sweden unfortunately is kind of hard depending of what kind of music you are playing. Typically, pretty big festivals are contacting us from other countries but in Sweden much smaller festivals are not even answering our booking agents. We would love to play more in Sweden though, also outside of Stockholm, where we have had most of our gigs so far.

"Framework", your new album is incredibly strong with all tracks being "hits" of their own. Was it hard to pick the songs for the new album or did you have songs that didn´t make "the cut" as well?

A Projection: I think we had about 20 ideas/demo songs for the album. We tried almost all of them but it was pretty soon clear which ones would make it. However, some songs that were not recorded on Exit but later showed up on Framework turned out to be pretty popular. So I guess there might still be hope for some of the ones that didn’t make it to Framework.

What bands would you like to mention that you are influenced by, that perhaps people wouldn´t think of?

A Projection: For example some electronic bands like The Knife, D.A.F. and Skinny Puppy are maybe not so obvious?

A strength with "A Projection" is that every bit that you include in a song is there for a good reason. There seem to be "no fillers - only great killers" when it comes to the great production. Your thoughts on the recording-process?

A Projection: Thank you. Those are very kind words. We try to be oriented towards quality rather than quantity when we write and arrange our songs. The recording processes have differed quite a bit between the albums though. Exit was recorded ”song by song” during several months while the songs on Framework were basically recorded “instrument by instrument” in a few of weeks.

As a fan of 70´s and 80´s bands like "U2" and "The Cure" we are intrigued with your "straight bass-lines". Was it hard not to try to "over-play" the bass-parts, or do you reckon it came natural with the chord-progressions?

A Projection: From the beginning we pretty much applied a “less-is-more” attitude on everything. We were not as meticulous about that on Framework though. But since bands like Cure and early U2 are some of our greatest sources of inspiration the “straight” playing style comes quite natural.

Your songs are mostly in "minor" but would you ever consider some songs in "major"? Or is it a "big no-no"?

A Projection: I guess our songs might sound a bit “minor” because of the general feeling they carry. However pretty many of them are actually in major.

As a Swedish band we are sure that you heard about "Debaser Medis" in Stockholm closing down by the end of 2016. This used to be a great concert-venue for acts in the middle of playing smaller rock-clubs and bigger venues.  As of now there is "Nalen", "Berns" and "Munchenbryggeriet" that can host those "bigger upcoming" bands. Do you have any recollections as a fan from seeing bands at "Debaser Medis"?

A Projection: I think that my best experience in Debaser Medis was when I saw Agent Side Grinder play there in 2015.

What would your advice be to Swedish bands that has released a record and would like to tour in Sweden to start with?

A Projection: If you are playing post punk or similar, you should turn to Klubb Död in Stockholm!

Thank you very much "A Projection" for taking the time to answer the questions from ICIT Webzine.





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